Add label or aria-label to a ‘per-page’ Pager facet select dropdown

add_action('facetwp_scripts', function () {
    FWP.hooks.addAction('facetwp/loaded', function() {

      /** 1. add an aria-label attribute to input */
        fUtil('.facetwp-per-page-select').each(function() {
        fUtil(this).attr('aria-label', 'Set the number of results per page');

      /** 2. prepend a <label for="id"> element to the <select> element and add an 'id' to the <select>  */

      let select = document.querySelector('.facetwp-per-page-select');
      // set 'id' attribute for select
      select.setAttribute('id', 'set-results-per-page');

      // create label element
      let label = document.createElement('label');

      // set 'for' attribute for label: must me same as 'id' of the select element.
      label.setAttribute('for', 'set-results-per-page');

      // insert label before select in the DOM tree
      select.parentNode.insertBefore(label, select);

      // add label text
      label.textContent = "Set the number of results per page";

    }, 1000);
}, 100);